Natalie Merchant Wiki, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Net Worth

This beautiful face for an amazing voice, the beautiful fingers for the songs she writes. This fits so well for the artist we are talking about. She is none other than Natalie Merchant. With a height of five feet and one inch, she stands tall and proud for all the songs she has written and is hopeful for the songs she is yet to write. Born in Jamestown, New York and having acquired the ethnicity of a white citizen, she has made the whole town proud. Also proud are the parents to whom Natalie was born. This sexy artist has got the curves from her mother Ann Merchant and the boldness from her father Anthony. With an inclination towards music, Natalie had joined Jamestown Community College to gain her formal education. 

Natalie has an interesting family life. She, after dating Daniel de la Calle for a long while, got married to him. They were happily married and Natalie had believed that she was really very happy. The marriage, however, lasted only nine years. She got divorced; she had to leave her husband. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Lucia who they love utterly. No information is found whether she has a boyfriend now or not. Natalie has, thus, tasted a little of bitterness in her life. No matter what one passes through, life does simply move on. Natalie has moved on too; stronger, more creative.

Natalie is a successful artist who has come a really long way in her career. She has a really alluring net worth of five million dollars. Her talents have paid her well. As a lead singer for the band called 10,000 maniacs, she began to establish herself as an inspiration to the listeners of different generations. Not only did she sing, she played piano as well. With her songs that were played in the movies, Natalie was able to reach to the youth who craved for her songs that touched them so much. Natalie is the kind of person who believes in herself no matter what the situation. That speculation can be verified by the fact that even after leaving her band, she started writing for her own, on the same day. That energy helped the singer to bring out her solo album called Tigerlily released in the 1995. For the singer it matters how the album portrayed the feel of being delicate and fierce at the same time.

Natalie has an account in the Instagram, which is hungry for her activism there. She doesn’t seem to like posting her personal hot pictures. However, she can be found really active in her Twitter account. She shares about her music tours and much other stuff that are interesting to her. The tweets she shares are mostly about her music concerts that are found to be followed by huge mass of young listeners who actually know how great her music is. The followers are really curious to know more about Natalie. They read about her in the Wikipedia and other websites.