Nelson DeMille Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Books and Net Worth

Cautious and research oriented American writer, Nelson DeMille is celebrated for his thriller novels series such as John Ryker series, John Sutter series, Paul Brenner Series, John Correy Series and stand-alone thriller novels including The Quest, By the Rivers of Babylyon, Word of Honor and The charm school. His novels generally show contingence to war, crime, diplomacy and US investigative departments such as CIA, NYPD and FBI.

The most notable quality of the writer beside his present tense writing style is that he can present a tough subject in an appealing way in his books. Just for instance, his most famous novel series John Corey series has 7 novels tills now.

John Corey, a policy officer turned unlikely FBI special agent, is actually clashing with a terrorist who desires to bomb USA in order to seek revenge in The Lion’s game, Nelson’s second novel of the series. So, what’s interesting about it?

The premise of the novel is actually based on a real event and that is American Bombing of Libya on April 15th, 1986 where Gadhafi’s family members got serious damage. Well, that’s not the premise.

The premise is that one of the bombs goes off the course and kills the wrong people residing at their home, but only a 14-year boy survives. Well, there’s we get our terrorist named Assad, who was created by Nelson to create the appealing premise.  The 14 year old boy Asad, meaning lion in Arabic, reaches USA 14 years later only to seek revenge.

Going a little out of context, it doesn’t matter whether Gadhafi orchestrated his daughter death or not aftermath the bombing. In the Nelson novel, she sure died, as that was the mainstream notion back then. What really matters is how countries aggressive diplomatic decisions such as bombing can create only more violence and kill innocent people if not undertaken accurately. Why should innocent people die after all?

Born on August 23, 1943 in Jamaica, Queens, and New York to a middle class family, Nelson’s ethnicity is speculated to be white.
His US native mother has Italian ethnicity and his father was born in Canada.

Unfortunately, we don’t know his exact height, but judging by his pictures, we know that he is not a tall man.  Nevertheless, his net worth is speculated to be in the range of $25 million to $30 million US dollars.

When he is not writing, he likes to spend time with his girlfriend turned wife Sandy. Sandy and Nelson married in the year 2009 cementing their dating relationship since 2000. Sandy and Nelson met when he was attending his book-marketing campaign in Denver. The two lovebirds connected right after meeting each other for the first time. Sandy being a fan of Nelson had loads of questions that she would ask her favorite author.

It is said that Nelson and his first wife Ginny went through a divorce in the year 2002. Nelson is the father of three children in altogether; two from his first marriage and one from his second. His children names are Alexander, 34, Lauren, 36, and James, 9.

Well, so we can verify he is not a gay.

In his senior years, he left his university study to join the military. He ended his military career after serving for four years; three years in US as an infantry lieutenant and one year in Vietnam as platoon leader with the First Cavalry Division. After that, he continued his study and received a BA in arts from the Hoftra University. Later, he decided to pursue career in acting after taking various jobs.   

Last but not the least, his school day’s hobbies were playing football, running track and wrestling.  

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