Nolan Gould Girlfriend, Dating or Gay and Shirtless

Nolan Gould is an American child actor. He is best known for his role in the Emmy-winning comedy series, Modern Family. He plays the role of Luke Dunphy on the ABC network’s show.

Gould was born October 28, 1998, in New York. He moved with his family to California and was raised there by his parents. Nolan’s brother is also an actor named Aidan who is famous for his roles in movies like The Secret Life of Leonardo Da Vinci and Julia. 

Nolan started his career at the age of three. He did several television commercials. At the age of nine, he was seen in movies like The McPassion, Waiting Room, and Sunny & Share Love You. He started appearing in more movies afterward. He was in Hysteria, Friends with Benefits, To Do List. He also played leads in movies like Space Buddies and Ghoul. 

He has also appeared on many other TV shows while filming Modern Family. Few of them include Good Luck Charlie, Doc McStuffins, and Nick News with Linda Ellerbee. He is just 17 years old and has achieved a lot in this industry. And there are still more and more opportunities for him. 

Nolan got his current recognition when he was cast as Luke Dunphy in Modern Family in 2009. He still shines in the show. Before getting into Modern Family, he had appeared on other television shows like Eleventh Hour, Out of Jimmy’s Head, and America’s Most Wanted. 

Gould plays the role of the trouble making a teen, Luke Dunphy in Modern Family. But, in real life, Nolan is a certified genius. He revealed on the Ellen Show that he has an IQ of 150 and is the member of the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world, Mensa.

Personal life of Nolan

Moving on to his personal life, Nolan likes to get lost in the music when he is not filming. His love for music has gotten him to play musical instruments like banjo, double bass, mandolin, and didgeridoo. He is currently learning sitar. When he first appeared on the Ellen show, he talked about wanting to play the banjo. As a result, he got it. A second time when he went on the show, he told Ellen that he wanted to learn sitar, he got that too. 

Nolan was very cute in the first few seasons of the television show. But now, he is all grown up. He has built up his body by working out in the gym regularly. He is seen as a hot actor now who is wanted shirtless by his fans. He stands at the height of five feet. With his charm, his height of success and intelligence, Nolan has won many hearts, of critics and fans alike.

Nolan has not been known to be dating or having an affair with anyone. When asked in an interview about girlfriends, he said he wants a girlfriend for the role he is playing on Modern Family. 

The intelligent actor graduated from college at the age of 13 in 2012, while he was still a teenager. He may play as an intellectually challenged kid on the show, but in real life, there may be few people at his age who can challenge his intelligence. Now, he is thinking of attending online college courses to further his studies as he is busy with the reel life works. 

Nolan is active on social networking sites. He is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can follow him on Twitter @nolan_gould, on Instagram @nolangouldofficial, and on Facebook by his official name. He often uploads pictures and news about him. He has a huge fan following in these websites. For a brief biography, you can search his name on Wikipedia and IMDB.

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Gould has an estimated net worth of $7 million. He gets paid around $75 thousand per episode, which is a pretty huge salary for an actor of his age.

What are Nolan’s plans after Modern Family, his big plans?

Okay, one of your show is a hit doesn’t mean you get stuck over there. Once the part is over in one show, you need to start planning on what you are going to do next. Nolan is also one of those stars who already started planning for the better days to come in his career. Being one of the youngest members of Modern Family’s star cast, Nolan has already started looking for tomorrow.

It is very admirable and appreciative of Nolan’s long term plan with his career. Even beyond Modern Family, he has taken up great projects like Friends With Benefits and The To Do List. We can clearly feel how he must be feeling to leave behind the family bond he had formed in the sets.

The big plans of Nolan after the show are to join any film school right away. As per his interest in making documentaries, Nolan wants to start on the road of making him a learned one in the entertainment industry.