Octavia Alexandru Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Parents

She is very young if talk is about her age but when it comes to her talent she is enormous. She has great potential and she will become one of the very best in coming years. Her amazing work has touched people of different ethnicity and nationality and already has fans all over the world. She is none other than Octavia Alexandru. Her amazing work has touched many people and her parents must be very proud of her. She is going to appear in a very popular TV show called Game of Thrones and she has passed almost all the tests to get the dream job. After her role she will get many opportunities to be part of great TV shows and movies and she has to be wise to pick the right one for her. She is very young right now and it is almost sure she is not dating. This also means she does not have any boyfriend at this time.

She is not very tall as her height is only 4 feet 9 inches, which is around 1.45 meters, but she is very small at this time and in coming years her height will definitely grow. She has already been a part of some movies and TV shows and someone them include the likes of big projects such as My Mother, My Bride and I and Cartoonito Tales. She was also a part of D’Ora in the year 2014.

It does not seem like she is much into social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. She also does not like to upload pictures in Instagram but in coming years when her popularity will increase she will be addressing her fans from social networking sites. However wiki sites like Wikipedia does not have information on her career and biography and it is quite shocking though. Her marvelous work has not only touched people but also her whole family and loving parents.