Olivia Munn Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

I love Wonder Woman as much as I love Batman. But obviously a little bit more because she’s such a strong female figure, and there aren’t that many strong female superheroes out there.” – Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn was born on 3rd of July, 1980 in Oklahoma City, USA. She is one of the successful actresses in the Hollywood industry.

Besides actress, she is also a model and the presenter. Her birth name was Lisa Olivia Munn. When she started her career, she used Lisa Munn as her name. But later, it turned to be Olivia Munn.

Though she was born in the USA, she grew up in Japan as her mother remarried when she was only two years old. As his stepfather was a member of US Air Force, the family has moved from one place to another time and again.

From her early age, she wants to become an actress. She has the degree of both journalism and dramatic arts. She started her career from 2004 as she worked as an intern in NBC.

From 2004, she became a reporter in Fox Sports Net. Though she was a successful reporter, she thought that it was not for her. So, she moved to pursue her career in acting.

She started her acting career from “Scarecrow Gone Wild” which was a horror film. In her struggles, she worked as the model in the video songs as well. She appeared in “Hello Tomorrow” by Zebrahead.

In 2006, she got a chance to work in the successful TV series “Beyond the Break”. In this series, she appeared as Mily Acuna. She has also got the opportunity to become the crew member of “The Newsroom” from 2012.

She performed the role of Sloan Sabbith in this series, and it was also the lead role. She gained, even more, popularity from this series. From 2012 to 2013, she got a chance to appear as Angie in “New Girl”.

She has always been dedicated to her work. As she also has the hot and sexy body, she has continually listed in the 100 Sexiest Women from both FHM and Maxim.

In 2011 and 2012, she was listed in #2 on Maxim’s Hot 100 Women. In the case of FHM, she was listed #85 and #52 in 2009 and 2010 in the same category. She has great body measurements of 35-25-35.

She is average tall with the height of 5 feet 4 inch. She started dating with Joel Kinnaman who is a Swedish actor in 2012. Their affair lasted in 2014.

Then, she made Green Bay Packers her boyfriend in May 2014. Packer is the quarterback of Aaron Rodgers. Though she has already reached the age of 34, she has not been serious about getting married soon.

She wants to pursue her career after marriage as well. So, she wants the husband who will support her in her work as well. She is also against of getting a divorce after the wedding.

Her sexy legs have also captivated many hearts. Her hot bikini pictures are very popular on the internet. She has the net worth of $5 million. She has the dark black hair.

Her daily show can be watched on YouTube as well You can also find her TV shows as well as movies. In 2014, her phone was hacked, and her nude pictures were on internet.

Her settings with Chris Pine also came up which became a lot of torture to her. She has got numerous fans in twitter as well as in Instagram. If you want to know more about her biography, you can visit Wikipedia as well as IMDB.