Paris Jackson Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating and Eyes

Paris Jackson also known by her full name Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is beautiful girl who was born in Beverly Hills, California, United States on 3rd April 1998 making her an American in nationality, a Caucasian in ethnicity and her current accountable age to be 17 years.

Talking about her personal life she is the daughter of one of the greatest personalities in the music industry named as The King of Pop by the fans and followers, Michael Jackson (father) and the beautiful Debbie Rowe (mother). She lives with her family i.e. her mother and her sibling named as Prince Michael Jackson II and Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.

There many pictures of her available on some of the popular web sites along with some of the popular social sites such as Instagram and Twitter. She is also very popular among her fans and followers through her acts in TV shows as well as some movies.

Very little is known about her personal matters, as she tentatively loves to keep her personal things to herself. There is a short biography on her available on some of the popular sites as well as many other celebrity sites but complete details on her personal life, incidents as well as her professional life hasn’t yet been popularized freely till date.

Many pictures of her in variety of outfits available through various sources along with many photographs of her taken on as well as off the set in various sexy outfits including some pictures of her in a sexy bikini with her smooth legs and her maintained body measurements expressed through each and every outfit she wears.

Jackson is a very talented girl who has been taken up as one of the multi talented personalities in the industry, as she is not jus a brilliant singer but also a great actress as well as a songwriter as it can be accounted by some of her songs availed by the media. There is information available on her dating some one as her boyfriend and not just dating but there is news of her getting engaged with her boyfriend and is pregnant too.

She has gained fans and followers not just in the country but has also been taken up as one of the popular celebrities who are international renowned through their work, as it is accountable through some of the popular social sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Talking about her physical appearance she has a slim body structure with a maintained and eye appealing body figure. As estimated she currently stands tall with the height of 5 feet 8.9 inches to precise i.e. 1.75 when converted in meters and 175 when converted in centimeters, and has blue eyes and beautiful blond hair complementing her beauty.

Very little is known about her relationship too, even her boyfriends identity wasn’t disclosed since the initial state of rumors. Accounting her talent and her state of fame she has currently been taken up as one of the most popular celebrities in the industry and as estimated and accounted through some of the popular web sites including some of the popular social sites such as well as celebrity sites she currently carries a jaw dropping net worth exceeding $100 million in USD. A short biography is available on some of the popular wiki sites but there is no such elaborated information available on Wikipedia on her till date.