Pat Robertson Wiki, Bio, Health, Dead or Alive and Net Worth

Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson is a former governor, a political activist and a member of the Republican party, who was born on the 22nd of March, 1930 and is currently 85 years of age. He was born in Lexington, Virginia, into a political family where his father Absalom Willis Robertson, was a U.S senator and his mother Gladys Churchill was also very active in politics. As a result, he learned the basics from his home and was always favored to choose the first option of walking down the same line. He was the younger of two children, and his senior brother Willis Robertson, Jr who liked to pat his cheeks as a child gave him that nickname “Pat”.

As a child, he studied at a local school till the age of 10, after which he was sent to study at The McDonogh School in Baltimore. Studying there for a year or so, he was quickly sent to The McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from where he graduated his school level with good graces. Always a very sharp student, he was not much into other things besides public speaking. His brilliant results got him a scholarship to study at the Washington and Lee University, where he graduated with a degree in history. Not very popular among the female counterparts, he confessed in an interview “Although I worked hard at my studies, my real major centered around lovely young ladies who attended the nearby girls schools.” Born and raised in a Christian family, he is a Baptist and a strong one, who tend to make other people believe his thoughts. He was nicknamed as a television evangelist, which was later shortened to televangelist for his strong speech towards his religion. Belonging into the white ethnicity, he is an American by nationality.

With a height of about a 173 cm, Pat is about 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Now in his mid-80s, he is still very active in his field, although he has been facing some serious health problems that have troubled him much. As of his younger days, he used to be a very handsome man with long black hair and shiny blue eyes, filled with confidence although he didn’t speak much. As we already know that women were one of his fondness, he never made it his weakness. Having got not much information regarding his early relationships and scandals, he however has been married for a long time now to his wife Adelia “Dede” Elmer, in the August of 1954. With more than 6 decades of a successful and happy married life, there are more chances of the couple to be separated by death rather than a divorce now. The couple who have had four children together; 2 sons and 2 daughters have now got 14 grandchildren already.  

A strong supporter of the Republicans, Pat has worked in many high level ranks for both his party and the American government. In his time and work, he has made a difference when needed and has stood up for many issues including the rights of the inferiors, women and feminism and political war between USA and Russia. He has been regarded with great honors and thus has got a massive fan following. With his supporters both inside and outside the USA, he is also followed on a large scale in Twitter and Instagram. In 2012, there was a false rumor that said Pat was dead and there was a massive rally for him. But it was soon found out that he had been in a hospital for bad health, and was perfectly alive. Having faked his death twice already, there are not much chances of him doing it over again as it seems.

In order to know more about him, you can read his quotes and listen to his speeches on the media. You can also find his biography in many different sites including Wikipedia. By 2015, he has an estimated net worth of about a billion US dollars.