Patty Hearst Wiki, Bio, Husband, Divorce and Net Worth

Patty Hearst was born in the year 1954 on 20th of February and this makes her age 61 at this time. At this age she might be thinking of her past and separating the goods and the bad. It has been some horror shows for her at times and sometimes it has been sunshine as well. She was born in a place called San Francisco, which lies in California of United States of America. She has many nicknames and some of them are Patty and Fatty Patty. A lot of information on her and her interesting biography can be grabbed from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. The names of her parents are Randolph Apperson Hearst and Catherine Wood Campbell. She has several siblings and some of them are Anne Hearst who is her sister and Amanda Hearst who is her niece. She has also played some roles in documentaries, movies and TV shows. She is not active in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. She was born in America and belongs to ethnicity white.

She is from a huge family as she is the granddaughter of Randolph Hearst who is a huge American Publishing Magnate. She came into the limelight of the whole world after her kidnapping by the dangerous and deadly Symbionese Liberation Army. She was very young at that age as she was only 19. She was tortured and threatened to death as well and this was undoubtedly the toughest and most difficult times of her life. According to her medical reports she could have also suffered from Stockholm syndrome. She is completely well today and fully functional and mentally stable too.       

She married her boyfriend Bernard Shaw in the year 1979 and their relationship as husband and wife was going very strong. Sadly Bernard passed away in the year 2013 and it was the end of their beautiful marriage life. The couple were madly in love and that left the chances of a divorce in their life to almost null. Sadly the couple divorced them and the couple was forced to split after her husband’s death. She is not dating anyone right now and does not have a boyfriend at this time. She is one of the most responsible people in her family. She has a total of two children and their names are Lydia Hearst Shaw and Gillian Hearst Shaw.    

When she was young she had hot legs and smooth feet. Men from all over the world love her pictures. She has been huge and her career is a wonderful one. She has a jaw dropping net worth of $45 million dollars and nothing more is needed to be told about her success now. She is not very tall as she has a small height of 5 feet 3 inches, which is around 1.60 meters.

She is an inspiration to everyone from all over the world as she rose up from her difficult moments to be successful. She went through a lot of tortures when the terrorist kidnapped her and this left a mental dilemma for her but she picked herself up and moved on with her life. A lot can be learned from her and her problems, which she was forced to face at a very early age.