Pete Best Wiki, Bio, Wife, Health and Net Worth

We know the world-famous rock-pop band The Beatles as a solid union of the ever-shining quartet of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

But, what about the drummer who was responsible to put the beat in The Beatles during it’s original days, even before Ringo’s arrival.  Yes, on this lovely day, let’s talk about Indian born drummer of English nationality Pete Best. Well, he is not actually an Indian or nor he has any Indian ethnicity. It’s just that his family was part of then- British Empire in India.

Unfortunately, the band fired the fan-hero Pete in the year 1962 (joined 1952).  Although, the exact reason of the musician dismissal is not known, the most accurate reason is described to be his too conventional drumming style. But, skeptics like to believe that the simple-headed and calm drummer had to leave the band as a victim of clash of personalities in the band.

Now moving on to his body configuration, the 73-year-old sensational drummer –turned-civil servant Pete is a moderately tall man with the height of 5 feet and 10 inches.  Even at such age, he looks perfectly fit and fine. Nevertheless, he may not be as handsome as he was back in his young days, but he is still doing ok. Once upon a time, he was regarded as the most handsome of the band The Beatles.

Believe it or not, Pete now regularly gets involved in tours and concerts with his band The Pete band all over the world.

And, it’s also true that many times his fellow Beatles band members were ignored by fans (especially crazy girls) because of his mythical presence.  Also, it is said that because of his increasing popularity he was fired by the band in the pressure from Paul and Harrison.

Out of the three, Pete was more close to John Lennon and John liked Pete as well as his buddy.    Many people close to Beatles have revealed that Pete was like an outcast since the beginning. They say Pete was quite and simple-headed than the three. Also, it is said that the band members weren’t happy from Pete’s non-sartorial looks, and they were even more irritated from his un-willingness to adopt The Beatle trademark Mop-Top-Style haircut. Pete was also reluctant to take recreational drugs with the group.  

After leaving The Beatles in the year 1962, he tried to explore his career and joined various groups. Ultimately, the educated man realized that he had failed his music career, so he decided to take on a civil job.  The job helped him to settle with his girlfriend turned wife Kathy.

Kathy and Pete has been married since the year 1963. They have two daughters and four grand children all together.

Be what it is may, Pete and The Beatles co may have had sour relationships, but the time heals everything. Now, one can see Pete praising quotes about his former band mates on his site Also, you can visit the official site to view his old days pictures and songs. 

Furthermore, there are no any divorce or gay rumors related to him on the media.

So, where does his huge $3-4 million net worth originated from? 

This may seem as a genuine question as Pete only played with the band for initial years. Well, the answer is, Pete was also responsible for the early rise of the band. Although, the band fired him then, they couldn’t ignore Pete in the year 1995. At the time, the surviving members of the band released Anthology 1, which featured a number of tracks with Best as drummer. And, then they paid best huge sum of money from the sales as well.

Other wiki on his professional life including TV shows and movies can be accessed via Wikipedia’s biography on him.  One can also follow his fan pages in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.