Peter Tork Wiki, Cancer, Young, Dead or Alive and Net Worth

Peter Halsten Thorkelson, better known by his stage name Peter Tork is an American musician/ vocalist who was born on the 13th of February 1942 and is currently 73 years of age. He was born in a hospital in Lanham, Maryland, Washington to an economics professor Halsten John Thorkelson. At the University of Connecticut and a housewife mother Virginia Hope. Born as the couple’s only child, he had a pleasant childhood under the proper love and care of his parents. He has mixed ancestral history of German and Norwegian. As a child, he showed his interest towards music from an early age and by the time he was 9, he already learned to play keyboard. With proper guidance and support from both home and school, he grew confident in his ways and by 14 had been playing guitar as well as banjo. He was then transferred to Windham High School but graduated as the first batch of the E.O. Smith High School. Keen in music, he chose to learn the same when he went to the Carleton College. He completed his college in 4 years and by the early ‘60s was in New York City, where he was the part of a folk music scene in Greenwich Village. He was born and raised in a religious family that followed Christianity as their religion. Belonging to white ethnicity, he is an American by nationality.

Peter is a fair man, with a very smiling face that reflects his confidence and positivity towards others. He is not very tall as his height is only 175cm, which is 5 feet and 9 inches. He is a quiet slim person and has always been such, with no tattoos on his body nor any piercings, as seen in the pictures. As a young lad, he used to have blonde hair and was always cheerful in his performances, in a way that other people found it pleasing. As the front man of a rock and roll band, he has had several affairs and had made many girlfriends. Having been linked to many names, he got married in 1960 to a Jody Babb, but divorced some 7 months later. Then in 1973, he was reported to have a wife named Reine Stewart, but as soon as this was discovered, the couple separated soon. He was again married for the third time in 1975, to a woman named Barbara Iannoli and this time it was his longest married life for 12 years, before breaking up in 1987. With three married encounters, he managed to not have any children with either of his wife, which raised questions of him being sexually gay to which no answers have been found.

In 2009, there was massive rumor regarding Peter’s death and it was said that he had been dead because of cancer. In the May of that same year, he released a statement addressing the fact that he had been battling with adenoid cystic carcinoma; which is a rare cancer that affects around the neck and head. He confirmed his successful dailies and that he was alive and perfectly normal. This news sent great cheers around the social media like Twitter and Instagram amongst his millions of worldwide fans.

In order to know more about Peter, you can read his biography that is available online in sites like IMDb and Wikipedia. You can also go through his interviews and videos on YouTube to know more of him. In 2015, he has an estimated net worth of about $4 million US dollars.