Phil Simms Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Children and Net Worth

Phil Simms is a former American football player, a quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL). Having played in the top draw for 14 long years, he spent his entire with the New York Giants, and retired from the game as a player in 1993. Currently, he works as the sports reporter in TV for CBS network, commenting majorly on Football. He first started out with ESPN in 1994, and worked as one of the co-host for its coverage of Super Bowl XXX and Super Bowl XXXII.

Then in 1998, he started a new contract with CBS and is currently in CBS’s lead broadcast team. Apart from sports news, he has also featured in some TV series like The Price Is Right and As the world Turns. Not particularly loved by the people from Dallas, he was famously asked to not host the broadcast for the Broncos games in 2014, and more than 40 thousand people signed the petition.

He was born as Phillip Martin “Phil” Simms on the 3rd of November 1954 in Springfield, Kentucky, United States of America. Raised as an only kid in a middle class family, he was educated at the St. Dominic’s Elementary and later attended the Southern High School, where he played as a quarterback for the first time; for Southern Trojans. After his graduation from there, he went to Morehead State University, seeking an opportunity to extend his career as a player. There, he was coached and trained by head coach Bryan Evans; a legend himself. With not a very good performance individually, the team however did great and it opened doors for future opportunities.

Then in 1979, New York Giants picked him up, particularly because of his offensive skills and ball control. A rookie, not many fans knew about him and maybe that’s why he was “Booed” at his own stadium in his first game. But his game spoke or itself, and with very good defensive and offensive performances, he was nominated for the Rookie of the Year trophy, which he lost to Ottis Anderson.

Like most Football quarterbacks, Phil is also a tall man whose height is about 6 feet and 3 inches, with a body weight of 90 kg. He has got a very strong center of gravity and that is how he maintained his outstanding balance and body control in the game. Not a very attractive man, he has been rumored and linked with many girlfriends in his younger days. A popular player, he might have had affairs with some women and proved all the “gay” comments about him, false. However, he got married towards the end of his career; with his wife Diana Simms. The two of them have been living together and happily and have got three children as of now.

There is very less or no chances of them getting divorced till date. Having had a very good pay as a player, his salary seems to be equally good with CBS. With his fame and stardom, he has got, as much haters as he has fans, and that might just be the reason why he is so popular. With many followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, he also has many fans worldwide. With a net worth value of $14 million US dollars till now, you can find out about him by reading his biography in Wikipedia.