Ralph Tresvant Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Ethnicity and Net Worth

He is one of the most famous and fruitful tenor singers in the world, and his songs have done great business in past years. He is down to earth and very calm and this makes him an idol of many people. He is none other than Ralph Tresvant.

Born in 1968 on 16th of May, he has already reached 48 years of age. Despite his age, he has managed to perform and serve his audiences.

You must have heard from him and would agree that at this age, he has already been a massive idol for R&B lovers. He was born in a place called Roxbury, which lies in Massachusetts of United States of America. He belongs to the ethnicity black and nationality American.

Talking about his looks, he is not very tall as he has an average height of 5 feet 8 inches only, which falls around 1.73 meters. Today the appearance of an artist affects his influence and popularity.

You can find that Ralph is very active in the social media like Twitter and Instagram. He is very much involved in Instagram as well as he uploads his latest and greatest pictures in the site to share them. He has appeared in some TV shows and movies as well.   

With fame and popularity, we can describe his success. He has actually been very successful in his career, and it has given him great earnings. He has a great net worth of 8 million U.S dollars, which proves his worth in the music industry.

His personality shines:


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Talking about his personal life, it had its ups and downs. He married his girlfriend Shelly Tresvant in the year 1993 and started living as husband and wife. But their relationship started having problems, and because of that, the couple sat up as they went through the process of divorce in the year 1996.

He had to move on and start a new life. An affair with Amber Serrano started with whom he married in the year 2004. He has two children, and their names are Mariah Tresvant and Na’Quelle Tresvant. He is not gay as he has children and wife.

As he has been very successful in his career articles related to him and his biography is also available on the wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb.  

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In 2017, what is Ralph doing? Do you think Ralph has left the industry?

No, Ralph hasn’t left the industry. He still out there singing and working to get The New Edition to the height of success that it belongs to. Ralph has been busy with The New Edition Story in the past days and he is doing his best among the band members in the new miniseries.

Ralph is highly anticipated to portray the character of a good-natured boy who was comfortable sharing the spotlight despite of him having the best of the voices. This role is so much close to what Tresvant is in real life. It can’t be faked that Ralph has given thousands of hits for the music industry but still today, in the absence of a record-breaking career, Tresvant is highly considered as a most important member in the New Edition not only for his musical skills but also for his impeccable personality.