Raoul Trujillo Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife or Divorced and Net Worth

Raoul Trujillo is a well-known American dancer and actor. His introduction would be incomplete without the mention of his being a choreographer. He was born in the eighth of May in the year 1955. Having been born in Mexico, he has always brought the Mexican flavor in the work he has done. He has the influence of diverse ethnicity that he has been among and the different people with various backgrounds he has met. He got his academic qualification from the University of Southern California. Not much about the parents of this celebrity is known and not much about his childhood has been made known.

Even though he has established himself today and has a net worth that most successful artists do not have, the success has not come so easy for Raoul. He has worked in the military, and also as an ski instructor. As an instructor he explored the talent he had in instructing or teaching. After he had intensively travelled through Mexico and most of America, he got the wonderful desire to create are based on his grounds. It is unbelievable that he had also remained a painter in the past. And it was in 1977, when he got his first paid job as a dancer and actor. Because he had not formally studied acting or dancing he actively involved himself in intensive training and built the skills in him. He got the opportunity to work with the Nikolais Dance Theatre. He had the courage to discover the choreographer in him right after he left the theatre.

Raoul has worked really hard for films and television. Right from 1989 till date, he has been active and has been doing all he can. From Divided Loyalties, Black Robe, Clearcut, The Adjuster, Shadow of the Wolf, Trial at Fortitude Bay, Song of Hiawatha, The Blue Butterfly, Apocalypto, The Lives of Angels, Riddick, Persecuted and recently to Sicario, all these films have given Raoul a chance to explore the hidden talents he had.

This celebrity who is already sixty years of age doesn’t seem to have an interesting love life. We can’t find which girlfriend he has been dating lately nor we have found him appearing with any lady to be called as his wife in any shows or in any awards ceremonies. Even if he had a wife he married and got divorced, his fans and followers would want to know about it but the celebrity has so many interesting news relating to his career that the news of his love life or his being gay is thrown to the background.

With the height of five foot and nine inches, this celebrity has a very photogenic physique and has various dashing pictures. He has shown confidence in speaking what is true about others and found to be making strong and short statements when asked any question that relates to others. Raoul is the fifth son in his family and seemed to know what he wanted from his life from the very beginning. More about this celebrity can be read in Wikipedia.