Richard Rawlings Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Born into the family with the rich ethnicity of Americans, Richard also shares the same ethnicity. From the very childhood, Rawlings was attracted towards the mechanics.

Richard Rawlings was born in 1969 AD in Fort Worth, Texas. This American entrepreneur aged 47 is multi-talented.

He, as a child, went to with his father to the auto shows and also engaged in car construction. Rawlings attended Eastern Hills High School and gained his academic excellence, which has helped him to reach the height he has achieved today.

He had already built in himself a confidence and knowledge about himself that, in 1999, Richard showed his entrepreneurship and started his printing and advertising company called Lincoln Press.

Following that, in 2002, Rawlings sold his press and launched Gas Monkey Garage. He enjoyed creating and transporting automobiles for customers worldwide from the Garage.

Richard Rawlings, a successful entrepreneur who has achieved enormous success in his profession, had a little bumpy road in his marriage. He got divorced with his first wife named Suzanne.

The married couple had started their journey together in 1999, and the journey had to end on the 14th of August, 2009. Despite being a successful icon, his divorce with his wife never hampered his work life.

He was not moved but rather took the separation as a phase of life and let it pass. After the separation, he must have some plan to carry on with different aspects of his life. But, no sources have been able to discover whether Richard has been dating a girlfriend now, or he is still single.

Also in 2013, Rawlings started his Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, serving his clients in the Dallas International Airport. His works also incorporate his opening of a venue called Gas Monkey Live which is a venue dedicated to live music. The career ladder of Richard Rawlings has different steps with diverse experiences.

No sources have also questioned him being single as being gay. But the successful entrepreneur must have found someone to settle down with and to share his happiness in the days to come.

Richard Rawlings has maintained a noticeable presence on the social network. His Instagram account has about 1000 followers. He has also posted about 500 posts including various shirtless pictures of his, and of his workplace.

He has also posted of his awards and achievements. The presence of Richard in the Instagram and Facebook has given Americans and followers from all around the world to learn from his experiences and his quotes.

Richard’s net worth today is US $15 million. The massive engagement of this entrepreneur in the diverse fields has added enormous experience and learning in his life. He has worked as a law enforcement officer, as a firefighter and also as a paramedic.

Because he believes in sharing his expertise in the form of photographs, this has been a significant impression upon the youth of today who follow him.

Fast N Loud!

Richard’s biography can be read in the Wikipedia. Rawlings has also published his autobiography entitled Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers.