Rodney King Wiki, Wife, Quotes, Dead and Net Worth

Rodney Glen King III is an American citizen, who drives taxi in Los Angeles, and became widely known after he was beaten by the Los Angeles Police Department in a car chase case that took place in the 3rd of March, 1991. Rodney was born on the 2nd of April, 1965 and in 2015 his current age is 50 years old. He was born in Sacramento, California, United States of America into a middle class family. He was born as one of the five children to couple Ronald King and Odessa King, and in 1984, his father was dead at 42 years of age. Not much is known about his past life or educational history, and his first record was when he created a riot and robbed a store in Monterey Park, California in the year 1989. After he had robbed two hundred dollars from the store keeper, who was a Korean; he strike him with an iron bar on the head, and fled only to be arrested later.  Rodney is an American by nationality and belongs to black ethnicity.

He is a tall man, and has got a very good height. He measures about 191 cm, which is 6 feet and 3 inches tall. His last recorded body weight was around 100 kg, which is suitable for someone of his built. He is a lanky fellow, with a well-shaped body, thin black curly hair, brown eyes, and a line of moustache on his face. There are many pictures of him on the media, but we have not been able to derive any shirtless ones. He is known to be a man with seriously bad temper, and has been found misbehaving with many other people.

Regarding his persona life, we have information regarding his marriage although we don’t known about his girlfriends and past dating affairs. He has been married a couple of times and is a father of three children, according to the media reports. His first wife was a Danetta King, who he married in the April of 1985, and got divorced in 1988, just three years later. Having one child together with her, he then married his second wife Crystal Lynnette Waters in the February of 1989. 7 years down the road, they had one kid together before getting divorced in 1996. He had also had romantic affairs with a Cynthia Kelley, although the two of them were never married. He is not a gay by sexuality.

After the video of him getting beaten by four cops was released, it triggered riots in several places, starting from California. The four officers Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno and Stacey Koon were charged with criminal assault for beating him with dangerous weapons, and were on a trial at the court. But reactions were violent by the crows, and it led to several deaths and loss of property in a week, which became a nationwide revolution. After giving speeches and interviews to many press and media, Rodney said that he had made peace with himself and forgiven the officers. You can read his quotes and find his interviews in that subject, in many channels and websites too.

Rodney’s death occurred in June 17, 2012 when his girlfriend fined him lying at the bottom of his swimming pool at home. Autopsy reports suggested that his death occurred due to an attack in his heart, which might have been due to his alcohol habits. In order to know more about Rodney, you can find his biography in sites like IMDB and Wikipedia. He also has a wide fan following on his Twitter account, and is not available officially on Instagram. His net worth is not given on the media.