Ronn Moss Wife, Divorce, Plastic Surgery and Net Worth

An American actor, musician, singer, and songwriter born on March 4, 1952, is the famous name of Ronn Moss. She was born in Los Angeles and was surrounded by theatre, concert, and rock and roll music.

Ross is considered as one of the talent personnel in the history of America; his multitalented ability gave him lots of respect and fame. At the age of 11, he started to learn drums, guitars, and other musical instruments.

His primary interest was in singing and writing songs; He was also the member of a band named Player. As an actor, his versatile and fashionable role as Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful soap from 1987 to 2012 gained lots of popularity.

He has also been the part of many TV shows in America, but The Bold and the Beautiful is considered one of his career defining roles. His movies have also been popular. He was first seen in the movie Hearts and Armour in the year 1983. He was also the part of the famous movies like Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Her Morbid Desires and much more.

His songs are great, and his fans worldwide remember him like a hot and sexy actor and guitarist. His band also received many awards throughout the career and his first album was on fire when it got on the air.

Standing tall at 6 feet 2-inch height, his personality attracted many ladies around him. His personal life was not that great according to the record books. He got married in the year 1990 with Shari Shattuck; they had two children.

His got divorce in the year 2002 and again married in 2009. His current wife is Devin DeVasquez, and both are living a happy life. At the age of 62, he still looks dashing and handsome. His sexy hair has been his trademark for the last few decades.

After a man is married two times and has two beautiful daughters they cannot be called gay and he never called himself a gay. In July 2012 Ross and his wife had a car accident; he heavily injured his face and body. To match his personality and his status he completed a plastic surgery to appear good in his TV shows. His past pictures readily reveal about his artificial face job, but it was not intentional from the star.

A part of his personal and professional life he has some luxurious life. As an actor, musician and songwriter he has won many awards. His attachment with the TV shows had helped him to maintain his status continuously.

After the dedicated 25 years in a show, he finally decided to get retirement and start a new chapter in his life. Currently, he has been spotted with his wife at many sporting events. His interest towards sports is great and regularly follows football and lawn tennis.

His net worth is $12 million. It includes all of his career income; he has never invested in stock market and does not own any business or brand on his name. Ross now has been concerned about his family. He has also written songs about his daughters.

Ross can be found active on his Twitter and Facebook profile. He has been updating new tweets and uploading new photos. His fans love him so much and always wish for better.

The information about this iconic star can be found in the wiki, IMDb, and other relevant sites. His Biography has also been published in many magazines and internet.