Sasha Cohen Wiki, Married, Wife or Boyfriend and Gay/Lesbian

Sasha Cohen is an American figure skater, who through her brilliant performances, balance and skills has been awarded the World Championship Medal for three times, along with some other big and famous achievements. Starting out as a gymnast from a young age, she chose skating from her early teenage days. She debuted in the 2000 U.S Olympics and from then is a regular starter in any big skate events anywhere around the world.

Apart from skating on field, she has also performed at the TV show “Stars On Ice” for some years, In 2010, she traveled to South Korea to feature in the “All That Skate” ice show, alongside Kim Yuna, who was the ladies’ champion in 2010 Olympics. With so much fame and popularity, Sasha also has made a brief but prominent career out of acting, in both TV shows and movies too.

Born as Alexandra Pauline “Sasha” Cohen on the 26th of October, 1984 she was raised at her home with her parents in Newport Beach, California. Her family later moved to Westwood, Los Angeles, California where she lived with her father Roger Cohen, who was an attorney and his Jewish wife Galina was a Ukrainian ballet dancer. The elder of two girls, Sasha devoted her time in dancing as a kid, and later exercising and gymnastics. Her named “Sasha” is a Russian interpretation of Alexandra, which she later shortened to Alex. As a child, she studied in Futures High School in California, and graduated out in 2002.

After completing her school, she was enrolled at the Columbia University, but didn’t see it through as her career took a U- turn. After debuting in 2000 U.S Olympics, she was set back by an injury for 2001, but was back in the pitch again in 2002. After going through vigorous training for a year and more, she finally became the champion in the 2003 Grand Prix Final. Her confidence had boosted and her movements were sharp, and it saw her lift the gold medal in 2003 Skate Canada, 2003 Trophée Lalique and also, 2003 Skate.

Having had a lot of popularity as well as criticism both on and off the pitch, it is not abnormal for her to be stalked by her fans or followed by the media. With her involvement in entertainment sector, she has made a huge fan following and these people want to stay updated with her personal life. Although she has revealed many things, including her current affair with her boyfriend Tom May; there are some rumors that suggest Sasha to be sexually gay: a lesbian.

Holding no sort of truth there, she has already been engaged to her to- be husband and they are soon looking to get married. With a pretty face and a slim but sexy figure, Sasha has got a number of hot and revealing pictures that can be found on her official Instagram account. With not a very good height, she definitely has a curvaceous and appealing body. With her net worth value still not revealed, it is supposedly between 70 to 90 thousand US dollars. To find out more about Sasha, you can read her biography, which is available in Wikipedia.