Sasha Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend, Gay and Net Worth

Alexander Paul Coe, popularly known as Sasha was born on September 4, 1969 in Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom but most of his childhood and youth was spent with his mother in the Welsh town of Sandycroff, Flintshire, North Wales. His mother taught him French at Hawarden High School. He previously liked pop music such as; f you believe. At the age of 17, he passed the entrance exam at the Epsom College but didn’t complete his Advanced level. He, then moved to Bangor with his father and stepmother who forced him to take piano lessons which turned out to be beneficial for his music career later. He is a famous Welsh DJ, record producer as well as a Grammy nominee and was also voted as World No.1 DJ in the year 2000 by DJ magazine. Sasha is also a 4th time International Dance Music Awards winner and DJ awards winner.

The tall artist began his professional career by playing acid house dance music in the late 1980s. In the year 1993, he and his partner DJ John Digweed, toured internationally and also, produced a series of mixes number of music. Sasha has made tracks for artists like Madonna and Hot Chip. His tracks include mixture of combine electronic music genres, which make his music unique and difficult to make critiques of his musical style including his debut album of original work, Airdrawndagger. After being a successful producer as well as a DJ, he even worked with younger DJs and producers such as BT and James Zabiela, encouraging their musical styles and forms.

He has an estimated net worth of $40 million. He gained his net worth becoming a central figure in the development and popularization of electronic dance music and also, through his career producing records for well-known artists and a successful career as a dj.

He is also well known for his quote- “I don’t consider myself famous – I haven’t got anywhere near to that level where journalists are rifling through my bins.”

Unfortunately, Sasha had to go through high debt due to low paying performances and to recover this situation; he performed at illegal warehouse raves in the Blackburn and Blackpool areas. In 1990, he joined a club called Shelley’s Laserdrome in Stoke-on-Trent where he established part of his signature sound mixing acid house music with Italian piano house music. In the year 1993, Sasha produced his first single song “Together” under the name Sasha.

He has huge fan following with 233 thousand followers in his twitter account and has 16.9 thousand tweets with 295 photos and videos whereas 912 thousand followers in Instagram. He is seen uploading many pictures and videos for his fans. Some are even shirtless. He is famous in YouTube and has many views for his songs.

Sasha is said to be unmarried and doesn’t have any wife but we even can’t find any information related to his girlfriend and who is he dating with. Well, he doesn’t have any children yet. But he is not gay.

Sasha’s biography and his wiki are filled with his musical career and tours, his songs, tracks and successful life. Information related to his height, ethnicity, children, divorce, family are not provided. Maybe he prefers much privacy to his personal life.