Shepard Smith Gay, Shirtless, Girlfriend and Dating

Introduction to Shepard Smith

Tune into Fox News to listen to Shepard Smith read for you the news filled with legislative updates and much more. He is a name that has shined in the media and has emerged as a competitive face. You’ll know a little more about him with us.

Smith has proven that is not tough to make a name in the competitive world of media. Not many people can make such good from the opportunities they get. Smith was born to Dora and David in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The proud parents raised him to become a successful icon in the industry.

Shepard Smith’s original name is David Shepard Smith junior. But everyone knows him as Shepard Smith. He was born on 1964 on January 14, which makes him 52 years old at the moment. At this age, his spark and presentation skills are much higher than others his age. 

He gained his academic qualifications from being affiliated to institutes like Marshall Academy, Later on, he moved to another institute in Florida, where he finished his higher education with good grades. After that, he joined the University of Mississippi for his higher education.

Shepard’s career choice

Shepard chose to become a news anchor and got his first TV work with WJHG-TV. He then worked for WCJB-TV, WBBH-TV, and WSVN and did his job of a reporter to perfection. The biggest opportunity he got was in 1996 when he joined the mighty Fox News Channel. After that, he has only got chances to improve himself.

When people look back, they are likely to remember his covering of the biggest news of the century, which was the suspicious death of Princess Diana. All these have helped him gain massive attention in the industry.

The Fox News anchor has been able to rise in every way possible with everything he has done in the media. He is renowned as one of the best in the business, and it would not have been possible without his hard work and passion. Because of that, in the year 2007, he got a whooping, jaw-dropping contract with a salary of $7 million.

His net worth has been estimated to be around $ 25 million U.S dollars. He’s achieved so much all because of his incredible persona and his maintenance of his talented self.

Does he have his someone special?

He has achieved so much, but he doesn’t have anyone to share his success with. He’s got no girlfriend, nor has he been found dating anyone. He was once married to Virginia Donald. They were tied in the bond of marriage from 1987 to 1993. But divorce did them apart!

There are rumors that he has a boyfriend and that his sexuality is gay. But nothing has been confirmed to tell how his days are passing regarding his love and affairs.

Despite standing famous as one of the best-paid anchors in the world, people hadn’t seen him as happy as he used to be when he was married. But he is satisfied with his life and work. He makes an enormous amount of money and his employers have no compunction about paying him because he is that good in his work.

Find about your favorite Shepard on social networking sites like Twitter where he shares his views and ideas.

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Supreme Court nominee #NeilGorsuch told lawmakers he’s watched his colleagues spend “long days” worrying about cases

Also, you can find him on Facebook where he uploads his pictures and addresses his supporters and fans. Some of his shirtless pictures can also be found on the media which will make you believe how amazing he looks! A lot of information about him can be accessed in wiki sites like Wikipedia.

Shepard Smith coming out as gay was a surprise

It was in 2013 that the fire had started; the smoke hinted that Smith was dating Giovanni Graziano. It was Gawker who was hell bent in publishing series of articles that he thought would be able to force Shepard to confirm about his sexuality being gay. Initially, everyone including Smith went on telling that the story was 100% false and that it all was a complete fabrication.

Smith did his best and for a long time to stop people knowing that he was gay. He didn’t accept it, and it made people think whether it was Fox network‘s chief Ailes who was not letting him come out. But after years of holding the secret to himself, he came out and revealed that he is a homosexual and came out of the closet to join the groups of others.