Shorty Rossi Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend, Dating and Net Worth

Luigi “Shorty” Rossi is an American actor of movies and TV, who was born on the 10th of February 1969 and is currently 46 years of age. He was born in Los Angeles, California as the son of two dwarf parents, who happened to be quiet wealthy. His childhood was divided into two places, one with his parents at Greater Los Angeles, and the other half he lived with a friend’s family at Watts, South Central Los Angeles in order to avoid his problems at home. Since the living standards at his friend’s was pretty low, Shorty started to earn from a young age at also paid for his own studies. Having studied at the Fremont High School, he was also affiliated with a local gang, and had almost been killed while he himself killed some people, and was sentenced to conviction in Folsom State Prison for almost 11 years. Born and raised as a Christian, he belongs to white ethnicity.

Shorty is not a tall person. He is a dwarf and has a deficiency of height. He measures only 122 cm, which is only 4 feet tall. He has equally short hands and legs/ feet, and his entire body looks like a child except for his face that shows he is a grown man. Due to this physical difference from most of the people, he used to feel very uncomfortable as a young man. “All the children in my class were taller and stronger than me. As I grew up, I found out that nothing about my body developed, and I was embarrassed even to walk out of my house. I confined myself into the four walls, unless I slowly developed the courage to except myself and started living. I even had fights with my family because of their opinion towards me” he said in an interview. As a result of his unusual body, Shorty has never worked out in a gym. He was not involved in any sports particularly, but does practice yoga and meditation; which he started from his school days. Regarding his dating life, there have not been any significant data to talk about. Many have considered him to be sexually gay; and say that he has got a boyfriend. But no confirmation on that subject has been made by anyone and thus the whereabouts of his husband/ wife are not sure. Although it seems like he hasn’t been married yet.

Shorty took advantage of his little physicality when he learned that he could become an entertainer and earn money. As things weren’t good at home and he had to make his own living, he had to try out something. So he started first at Universal Studios where landed in a small role at a play Alvin and the Chipmunks. Having played in theatres before, shorty has appeared in many different TV shows and TV commercials as well. He has also had the chance to act with some big names like Bruce Willis in The Kid and also Jim Carrey in The Grinch. Besides, he also appeared in the WWF Raw in 1993 where he was the head of a group of dwarfs. Some of his other acting roles have come in: Los Luchadores, Sideshow, Call Me Claus, The Nick Cannon Show, Tiptoes, Poppa Viagra, Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure, Ice Scream: The ReMix, Extreme Movie, Hercules Saves Christmas, Pit Boss etc.

His noticeable and distinct body features have been hidden behind his image as a very versatile actor, and equally hard working. Having appeared in TV, he has made lots of fans and followers from around the world, and these people have been keeping in touch with him; by following on his Twitter account. HE also joined Instagram recently in 2013; and you can also see pictures and videos of his there. To know more about Shorty, you can read his biography in sites like IMDb or Wikipedia. By 2015, he has an estimated net worth of about $4 million dollars.