Steve Doocy Salary, Net Worth, Wife, Son and Family

Steve Doocy’s introduction

Born on October 19 in 1956, Steve Doocy is a well-known face in the American television industry. He was born in Algona Iowa in the US.

Currently, he is working for Fox News as the co-host for the program, Fox, and Friends with Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson. He is 60, but the enthusiasm of his can beat that of a boy in his early twenties!

From early childhood, he wanted to do something in the field of journalism. His family supported him throughout his career. He joined the University of Kansas to pursue his dream. He graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University.

He is a hardworking and multi-talented person. He is not only an anchor but also a commentator, journalist, and an author. He stands tall at the height of six feet. With a great physique, he looks awesome on the screen!

Steve’s married life

Let’s know that he is a married man. His wife’s name is Kate Gerrity. They met at Washington DC TV station, where they were working.

They dated for around six months before getting married. He has described his relationship with his wife through his books.

It has been more than twenty-nine years since they got married and they are still together. But, there was once a rumor of them getting a divorce. The story turned out to be fake.

They are happily married and love each other very much. They have three children together.

One of the famous anchors in the American television, Peter Doocy, is their son. Many people say that Peter resembles Steve. It is evident in most of their photos. It is said that Peter will eventually be as successful as his dad.

Successful career of Steve

At the beginning of his career, he used to work for CBS and WCBS- TV in New York. Before joining Fox channel, he used to host some shows on several other channels. His show Wake up America was one of the favorite shows at the time. The show was aired in the morning in CBS TV station. For WRC Washington DC, he is an Emmy award-winning feature reporter.

At his current age, Peter has been very successful in his life. He is also an author and has written two books till now. He is a bestselling author. His first book was ‘Mr. And Mrs. Happy’ which is based on his family. His second book was titled ‘The Tales from Dad side’, which is still a major hit today.

At that time the book was published, there were not many books regarding fathers behavior and what ought to be done. But he wrote the book describing the topic very elegantly and it hit the right chord with the readers.

He has already worked as a TV presenter for over twenty years now. Because of his exceptional talent and hard work, his net worth is $ 2 million, and his salary is $ 500,000 annually.

Criticisms haven’t left him alone! There was once a rumor that people think of Steve as a moron and a complete idiot due to some comments on his show.

Some even said that it was the reason why he was fired. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

He is popular among his fans and is active on Twitter as well as Facebook.

@greta this is what was under that DO NOT TOUCH sign, our Halloween costumes #BringingHomeTheBacon

Awful cold but @sallygdoocy joined me on the paddle tennis court to work off the 7500 calories I’ll have between now and sundown

?His fans get updates from him through these sites. His pictures are available easily in case you want to see how dashing he looks still at this age!

More detailed information regarding Steve Doocy’s biography can be found on Wikipedia and different social networking sites.

Steve Doocy accused of sexual harassment

Gretchen Carlson’s announcement of her lawsuit against Roger Ailes dragged other people’s confession that the other employees in the network had seen Steve Doocy make several rude comments. There was a mention that Doocy would make inappropriate comments and that everyone on the staff knew and also could have seen it. When the harassment was tagged as ‘severe and pervasive’, people must have thought it to have been on a regular basis.

The hostile environment that had been created on the network because of Doocy was highlighted too. Not only that, Carlson even said that he was always sexist and put his hand on her and pulled down her arm to shush her during live telecasts.

Doocy is always accused of mocking Carlson during the commercial breaks, he even refused to engage with her on air; there have been many stories related to her.