Steve Winwood Wiki, Wife, Tour and Net Worth

Known for the popular songs like “Higher Love” and “Roll With It”, Steve Winwood has been known as one of the talented singer in England as well as all over the world. He has also been ranked at Number 33 in the most talented singer of all time. He is a versatile talent who is competent in fusion of the rock songs. Steve was born in 12th of May 1948 in Handsworth, England.

He is not only competent in singing but also known for song writing and as a producer. He is also multi instrumentalist who can play drums, guitar, violin, keyboards, mandolin and bass guitar. He has been actively involved in this field from 1963 and we can still see him very active in this field. He was always interested in music and his family supported him a lot in it. At the age of 14, he joined the Spencer Davis Group. Though they were young, their enthusiasm in the music was high. So, they introduced their first song “Keep on Running” in 1965.

He has joined different bands in his career. After the Spencer Davis Group, he was recruited by Traffic in 1969. His career reached in the new height after he joined this group. He was also the member of Blind Faith, Ginger Baker’s Air Force and Go. Because of his high tenor voice and the melodious songs, he made the best impression to the listeners all over the world. Though his nationality is English, he is known in all over the world. He has recorded more than 10 solo discographies as well. The first one was the “Steve Winwood” which came into market in 1977. Lately, he performed Live from Madison Square Garden in 2009.

Steve is 5 feet 8 inch tall and has the weight of 68 kg. He has just reached the age of 66. In case of his marriage life, he has been married twice. In his young age, there were many girlfriends and he came in the news time and again because of his affairs and dating. He got married for the first time in 1977 with Nicole Tacot Weir. His wife helped him in his songs as well. But their relationship broke and they got divorced in 1986. Then, he got married to Eugenia Crafton in 1987 and they are living happily till now in Cotswolds. The couple has got four children altogether.

Though Steve is of white ethnicity, he is popular among people of different ethnicity as well. Because of his gay nature, he did not worry much about his personal life. He is really popular in social networking sites including thousands of fans in twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He has the net worth of $437 million. His songs and music are widely distributed all over the world. You can watch his interviews as well as find his songs in different sites. You can also see his shirtless pictures in the web. He has also done some major tours in his career. If you want to know more about his biography, you can visit Wikipedia or you can visit his official page