Tanya Kim Wiki, Bio, Age, Married or Boyfriend and Plastic Surgery

Television personality Tanya Kim, an expert on pop culture, is one of the many popular names who had to say good bye to her job after-math the Bell Media made it’s downsizing announcement in June, 2014.

Well, they not only lost a versatile and experienced television personality but also an outspoken host by firing Kim.

But, they had to keep their defense up. Fans were losing their cool seeing their favorite personalities losing their respective job. This phenomenon occurred in various specialty channels Bell Media owned including MuchMusic, CTV and MTV.

As for CTV’s E-talk, Kim’s departure had to be answered with a viable in-house replacement. In this way, the E-talk host since last 10 years was replaced by yet another experienced entertainment reporter namely Danielle Graham.

As of 2015, Kim’s speculated age is 39. Currently, she is not associated with any on-screen platforms. Rather, she is working fulltime as the Honorary Chair of the leading pro-animal rights organization Ontario SPCA and Humane Society.

Surely, fans are hoping for her anticipated television return. And, why shouldn’t they?

Everything about her justifies her career. But, television wasn’t her initial hobby. After graduating from Ryerson and completing her internship at Much Music, she decided to take a year off to think what she wanted to do with her life. This decision brought her a little close to on-screen industry as she participated in a handful of acting auditions.
Later, she realized that acting was not her forte. She realized that she was interested in pop culture. Believe it or not, she got so infatuated by CTV’s chartroom that she followed the show producers and convinced them to let her join. Within no time, she joined the show as a weekly guest and escaped from her previous waitress job.

Impressively, bluestocking Tanya Kim is a journalism graduate, specializing in broadcasting from Ryerson University. Furthermore, she is a pianist and dancer with proper education in both of the arts. And over and above that, she has been associated with the entertainment industry since a long time. Prior to E-talk, she accumulated valuable experiences in the industry being a videographer at MuchMusic, Music Reporter for CTV’s Chatroom and special correspondent for Canadian Idol (two seasons).

Nevertheless, she is of Korean ethnicity. In fact, she was born in Canada to Korean immigrant parents. Surely, being an ethnic beauty is a plus point if you are a modern-day entertainment reporter. She is born and bred in Canadian culture, but she can’t escape from her Korean heritage and cultured parents.

Now moving on to her body configuration, she is a fit and slim woman, rather petite. However, it seems like she has gained weight as compared to previous years.  Although her height is not known, we can speculate that her height lies somewhere in between 5 feet and 5 inches to 5 feet and 8 inches. Besides her on-screen expertise, she is also famous for her makeup and dress-up skills.

Interviewing reputed stars, covering important events, and covering life-style and pop-culture demanded her to be a distinct perspective beauty and she fulfilled the role by hard work and passion. And, that’s hot.

For sure, there are plastic surgery rumors related to her. It is rumored that she has had a boob-job. However, such rumor cannot be verified.

Plastic surgery or not, she looks perfectly healthy and beautiful, thanks to Pilates. Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact net worth. But, it is speculated to be $1 million US dollars. Also, her dating life is a complete mystery. Therefore, it will be safe to say she is a single woman.

As far as we know, we haven’t heard any boyfriend, husband, married or divorce rumors related to her yet.

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