The Game (Rapper) Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name “The Game” is an American rapper as well as an actor. He was born on the 29th of November, 1979 in Los Angeles, California of United States. He was raised in Compton area, which was a place of drug smugglers and other criminal people and his childhood was spent in such an area with bloodshed and war all the time. With his own family members involved in such things, he described them as “dysfunctional” and left his house and family in early childhood. He worked his way up by writing music, inspired from what he saw, felt and suffered as a young boy. To know more about his life or career, you can read his biography in sites like Wikipedia.

It is obvious that a celebrity with so much name and fame would have lots of fans and followers, and with the media on their tail every time, speculations are often made. Likewise, rumors about them spread faster than fire and if they hold hands with a friend, news comes up that the two of those are having an affair. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Game here, and although he has been involved with several women till now; all of those relationships are legitimate. It looks like he has got a long list of girlfriends and his dating life is equally updated and busy as his personal life.

Some of the popular names that make it to his list of girlfriends are Aleska Jordan and Kim Kardashian. Similarly, he had also been romantically involved with musician Mya, actress Valeisha Butterfield and Tiffney Cambridge during different time periods in his life. As of now, he has been married a long time with his wife Gloria Govan and the two of them are living happily with each other, with no signs of divorce in near future. They have also got three children: two sons; Harlem Caron and King Justice and a daughter California Dream, which strengthens their married life more. Despite rumors about him being sexually gay, it is only a rumor and his sources have clarified it.

Apart from his onstage talent and his personality, Game also has got a decent face and built. He is what you might call a charmer with his sense of style, way of talking and treating to people and such things. Regarding his physicality, he seems to have a healthy body with no sort of chronic or acute diseases and it has only been once or twice that he has been famously seen visiting a doctor. With a massive height of 192 cm, which is 6 feet and 4 inches; he has got a well built, athletic but muscular body with a weight last recorded of 90 kg. A regular member of the gym, he is very concerned about his physical fitness and likes to show off his body time to time by going shirtless on screen. There are plenty of pictures where he has revealed his upper body and you can see all those tattoos of his, which carry some meaning in his life.

Having released almost half a dozen of studio albums on his own; Game has also worked in collaboration with other artists and has produced, sung or worked in a number of different songs. Apart from his music and videos, he has also landed a foot in acting and has acted in some movies recently. With so much fans and followers, he has also got haters which is obvious but that doesn’t bother him. With a net worth value of $22 million US dollars till now, he has made a fortune for himself with his work and talent. You can get closer to him by following his Instagram and Twitter accounts, and get to know him more.