The most hated characters in TV history

There can not always be only heroes and lovable characters – each of our favorite series needs a villain too. Because as much as we are annoyed about these unpopular characters, every story would be so boring without them. And the more satisfying it is when they are killed.

Take, for example, Ramsay Bolton  from “Game of Thrones”, played by actor Ivan Rheon, who wanted nothing more than to climb the iron throne. Taste it, whatever it takes. After watching for four seasons ruthlessly torturing and murdering, we celebrated it all the more as it was finally brought down.

But hated series characters do not always have to be as brutal as “Game of Thrones”. Even in actually quite peaceful series like “Friends” or “That ’70s Show”, there are characters that make you angry as a fan. Do you spontaneously come across such characters from your favorite series?

We collected once and present you the most hated characters from the most popular series.