Theo Von Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Handsome, funny, charming, intelligent are some of the words, right to describe Theo Von, a stand up comedian and artist who has been making up significant fame around the world. He was born as Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski, on the 19th of March, 1980 in Covington, Louisiana, U.S.A. He was born as the second of four children to middle class parents Gina Capitani and Roland Vonkurnatowski Sr. He has got mixed European ethnicity from Greece and Italy, but is an American by nationality. Theo has got an older brother and two younger sisters who have all settled down in their lives, except for him it seems. His first appearance on TV came when he was a participant at the MTV’s Road Rules. Since then, he has been attracting people towards him from his work, and so his fan following is also growing rapidly.

Not much is known regarding his personal life in the media and there is no sort of information regarding his childhood life. After graduating college, he started modeling and turned up some heads, which saw him move to California and make a fortune. He appeared in some TV programs and also performed live in concert halls or open streets. This way, he gained some fame and after appearing in Road Rules, he doubled his number. In 2006, Von appeared on season 4 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and won the title of Last Comic Downloaded. Two years later, he appeared in Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back, along with Bert Kreischer, Amy Schume and some others although the show only lasted first season. That added a lot to how he started acting on stage, and achieved huge success there.

Then in 2009, he came up with an idea of crank texting and hosted his own website His growing popularity saw him as the face of Primetime in No Time, a highly ranked and most watched online show. He joined the show in 2012, replacing Frank Nicotero and the same year, he debuted as a movie actor when he played ‘InAPPropriate Comedy’, and it became a massive success for him. That boosted him to start a new show with TBS named Deal With It, which was a hidden camera show. The show also became very popular and was watched by a thousand of people. This way, he has made a lot of fame and fortune and also a big net worth value. Most importantly, he has also earned the admiration and respect of people whose love and support seems to have reached social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

With a good-looking face and an intelligent character, Theo is most admired by his fans. These fans also include some women, who like him for his good body, tall height and good bank balance. Despite not many shirtless pictures, you can find a couple of them on his Instagram site and personal website. He has got a short dating list and has been with two girlfriends so far, but never has been married or had any wife. Despite the rumors of him being gay, there is no truth in them whatsoever. Although he has earned a lot of fame and money over the years, his net worth value is not available in the media. To find out more about his career, you can read his biography in sites like Wikipedia.