Things you don’t know about these famous Tennis Players

Men and women who have achieved their dreams through grit, determination and hard work are great examples to us. They are living the kind of lives many can only dream to achieve. Most times, you only see the fame, glamor, and wealth but not the things that have made them who they are.

This article has a collection of interesting facts about some of the world-renowned Tennis players. This will enable you to see beyond the glaring things you know about them. There are many famous Tennis players in the world. However, this article only discusses six of them- three males and three females. Get set for some mind-blowing journey into the world of some of the most talented Tennis stars!

Roger Federer

If you don’t know Roger Federer, one thing is certain – you don’t know Tennis! The Swiss Tennis superstar has won 19 Grand Slam singles titles. No one has won as many as he has won in the history of Tennis. He was the number one Tennis player in the world based on the ATP rankings for a record 302 weeks! You probably knew that before, onto the things you don’t know about him!