Timothy Simons Age, Wife, Married, Net Worth and Bio

TV Series can be so addicting and lovable among the audiences. People start to believe the characters played in Television Series, and it can somewhat inspire and influence people’s life.

Timothy Simons is one of the popular TV series actors and a writer. He has done so many roles in different kind of movies too and is always able to win a heart of audiences. He is quite a star, and people can get information about him by just searching his name on the wiki sites like Wikipedia, ulna pix. He was born in the year 1978 which means he is 35 years of age at the moment.

At the age of 35, he has won millions of hearts with his notable role in a TV Series called Veep. He played the role of Jonah Ryan and the audience and critics highly appreciated the role. His role was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance. The award was mainly targeted towards television comedy series.

Timothy Simons was born in the United States in a state called Reaffield, Marine. His mother name is Susan Simons, and father name is Ron Simons.

He is the extremely tall man with a big height of 6 feet 5 inches which are approximately 1.92 meters. He went to University of Marine to get his degree on the faculty ME in the year 2001. He is a married man, and his wife name is Annie Simons.

His brother name is Don Simons, and he has the very healthy relationship with his brother. He has a sister too, and her name is Lacy Simmons. His marriage is still intact as no problem has occurred between him and his wife. Timothy and Annie are living happily, and there is a very less chance of divorce. The couple has a twin girl and a boy.

The family is complete with two beautiful children and a caring father and loving mother. There were no rumors of him being gay as it is evident he is straight as he is having a complete family with two children. 

Timothy has worked hard to be what he is today. He has done a lot of movies like Days Together, Beneath The Harvest Sky, Draft Day, Flock of Dudes, The interview, Inherent Vice and Goosebumps.

The movie Days Together was released in 2010 whereas Beneath The Harvest Sky was released in 2013. The Interview is all set to release this year, and Goosebumps released in 2015.

Draft Day published in April 2014 whereas Flock Of Dudes is all set to release this year. The movie Inherent Vice is going to be published in October 2014. But among all the roles he has done in the movies, his best role is the one he is doing in Veep the television series, The television series has completed three seasons and is all set to go a long way.

His biography is very inspiring as he has worked with a lot of passion and dedication to be a good actor. In an interview, he has discussed the struggle he had to do and how he had to leave his children to grab small roles to earn a living. In his bio, he has said he grabbed each and every little opportunity to prove himself as an actor.

Now he is getting a handsome payment which is regularly boosting his net worth. He is euphoric with his work and will thrive for more shortly. 

He is active on social networking sites Twitter and his fans can follow him. He addresses his fans very kindly in Twitter by uploading photos for them and tweeting some comedy tweets.