Todd Hoffman Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

The man with a trademark goatee from 2010 started Discovery’s hit reality television series Gold Rush; Tedd Hoffman is perhaps best known for being an intense adrenaline junkie in the show. Working for TV shows, he has inspired many to follow their passion. He is a TV personality who has gained a huge name and fame in the entertainment industry.

What is Todd Famous For?

Till now, Hoffman’s crew in the show, which also includes his gold-mining expert father Jack Hoffman, has been successful in making roughly about $2.896 million US dollars from about 2262.6 ounces of mined yellowish metals.

To talk about his success and wealth, impressively, he enjoys a good net worth of $400 Thousand US dollars. He loves traveling and shopping and uses his earning as expenditure.

Except for the disappointing first and fourth season, the Hoffman’s crew has made remarkably well for a bunch of unemployed people who lacked enough expertise in the field.

Todd’s sources of inspiration are his father and the yellowish metal. These two are the ones that inspired him to progress through hard times.

It was 2010 and America was still hardly trying to recover from the 2008 financial crisis. So, the airport owner Todd Hoffman (owns an airport in Sandy, Oregon) decided to try his luck on the yellowish metals in such difficult times, as the airport business was growing slow as a turtle. He was driven to the conclusion that gold prices will go up since the yellowish metal was less affected by the crisis comparable.

Something happens in between the wrong time. It’s true that he lacked the required skills to be a professional gold miner, but he is a good manager who can deploy people effectively and efficiently.  

Plus, he is earning in gold mining now because he has shown a great interest since he started being involved in gold mining.  Plus, he also invested $1 million US dollars in equipment.  

Simply, he is involved in a risky business that pays off well. Plus, his team is one of the most successful teams that have appeared on the show since its first season. And, that’s praiseworthy.  

Nevertheless, his salary per season is speculated to be in between $200,000 US dollars to $400,00 US dollars. Moreover, he may have also gathered other valuable items over the time. Those items may have increased his net worth.

Is Todd Married? Any Children??

We want to let you know about his love life. With a successful personal life, he is a married man with kids. He has brought them many times in the show.

His wife’s good name is Shauna Hoffman. We can only verify that he is married to his lovely wife and has two children, Hunter and Hudson. He shares many pictures with his wife and his son and daughter on Facebook, Instagram and even tweets about them on Twitter.



My son Hudson Taylor.

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Also, we know that he likes to identify himself as a family oriented man. Moreover, there are no divorce, girlfriend and gay rumors related to him in the media.

Moreover, dating rumors related to him are rare on the media. Maybe he likes to adopt a low-key strategy when it comes to his personal life.

Letting you know how he looks, he is an averagely tall man with a height that is speculated to be between 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 3 inches tall. By ethnicity, he is white, and by nationality, he is an American.   

Other info on his professional life including his Gold Rush pictures, videos and biography can be accessed via various wiki sites. Furthermore, he has a large number of followers in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.


In Cannes at the coast. Gold Standard TV has had two meetings already. Both great.

Facts About Todd:

Todd Hoffman was born on April 12, 1969, in Oregon, the United States. His parents are Jack and Georgia Hoffman. He also has a sister named Tamra Hoffman.

You must be very proud that Todd has drawn his inspirations to be in the mining field from his father. It wasn’t easy for him to decide and choose that particular industry as a career. When Todd’s father didn’t have any job left, he found his delight in mining adventures.

Unfortunately, things don’t usually work for the first time. Todd’s investment in the mining operation in South America turned out to be a disaster, and he lost a huge amount of money. It was very courageous of Todd that he didn’t back down. But after careful research, his next venture in Klondike was able to help him pull over $3 million dollars.

Having spread the magic of mining, Todd owns an airport which still exists. But when he found out that his airport wasn’t doing as he expected it to, he invested a huge amount of money in the mining business. And today, he hasn’t had to look back.