Top Vacation Spots in the World

After making big bucks or having retired from long years of hard labor, the heart desires a vacation. The question of the best spots to have a nice vacation pops up. You don’t have to worry again, here is your answer.

London, England

This city has the perfect blend of the beauty of the past and the touch of the present. The historic city of London is always a place to be any day, any time. It is not surprising to find out that it is one of the favorite cities of Maria Sharapova, the famous female tennis star.

New York City, U.S.A

A friend often jokes that dying without visiting New York City is more like dying like a chicken! Of course, it is just a silly joke. But it is not so silly a joke when you contemplate all the beautiful sights in this gorgeous city.

Paris, France

The Capital of France is a collection of great sights that will delight you for the rest of your life. Great exhibition in museums and excellent shopping malls are the order of the day.

Rome, Italy

This city features relics and rich cultural sights that will leave you astonished. A vacation here is one you will never forget in a hurry.

Cancun, Mexico

You desire a vacation with loads of fun? Search no further. Cancun has exquisite beaches with loads of fun activities that sets your heart racing all through your vacation. This place is absolutely tailored for vacations.