Trent Reznor Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Trent Reznor is an American singer, song composer, songwriter and record producer. His full name isĀ Micheal Trent Reznor and was born on May 17, 1965, in Pennsylvania, US.

He is one of the oldest music composer and singer in the American Music Industry, In fact, he is the first person who brought the concept of Industrial Rock and Industrial Metal.

His Genre includes Industrial Rock, Industrial Metal, Instrumental Rock, Hard Rock and much more. He is also a great musician who can easily play Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Bass and other.

Talking about his professional career he has been one of the role models for the new generation musician and singer. His songs are still found played in bars and pubs around the country.

After he drops out form his college, he moved to Ohio to peruse a career in music. He joined local bands and played keyboards for them, but he was not still convinced.

The biggest turning point in his career came when he got a job in Cleveland’s Right Track Studio as an Assistant Engineer and Janitor.

He developed the concept of his band Nine Inch Nails and recoded his songs from the studio when there was no other recording. The owner also granted him the permission to record the song and he played all the music for his song except drums.

Reznor currently owns a studio and a company which works for editing and providing effects in the movies. He has also worked with various movies like “The Girl With The Dragoon Tattoos” and “The Social Network”.

He has been more successful in his solo albums and movie composition business. Reznor stands tall with 6 feet 2-inch height; he was never found dating with any women in his career.

His drugs abuse and depression became a nightmare for his career, and his affairs could not proceed. However in early 2009 media said Mari queen Maandig is his current girlfriend and they have been dating for some period.

On October 2009 he married Mariqueen Maandig and had two children. He never confronted himself as a gay thorough out his career. There has not been any rumor about his divorce and seems he is very happy with his wife and children.

ReznorĀ used to have lots of tour with his band and was traveling to various parts of the country to promoted his album and songs.

His songs and music touched people very much, and he earned huge amount of money during those days. He was later sent to Rehabilitation Center to quit drugs, he gave an interview in the national TV for his bad attitude and asked for an apology with his fans.

After the demise of his grandmother, he lost his way and was totally frustrated. In her career, he has earned huge amount of money and has also lost many of Drugs.

His Net Worth is about $ 70 Million, and his investment in the movie industry is also huge. He has his own Movie Composition business and a studio to record songs.

He has been working alone currently and is composing a solo album. In his recent interviews, he focused more on her personal life now rather than professional life. He has two new born sons and is very happy with his family life.

Reznor can be found active in social sites interacting with his fans and colleagues. His industry has attracted more people and has created job opportunity.

His Twitter account has more than 5000 active followers, and the most interesting fact is that he has never uploaded any shirtless pictures via Instagram till now.

His Facebook page also has huge number of likes. His other information can be easily found in Wiki and IMDb. Meanwhile, his biography can be found on Wikipedia.