Vanessa-Mae Wiki, Married, Husband or Boyfriend and Net Worth

Vanessa-Mae was born, as Vanessa Vanakorn is an English violin player as well as an actress. She was born on the 27th of October, 1978 and in 2015, her current age is 37 years old. She was born in Singapore into a middle class family where her father was a hotel owner named Vorapong Vanakorn, who originated from Thailand. After her biological father made fun of her and criticized her publicly saying “she looks like a soft-porn showgirl”, her mother remarried Mr. Vanakorn who gave her his name. After her successful musical career, her original father tried to be good to her and get her back but her second father and her mother defended her, saying that her image is none of his concern. She is a British as well as a Singaporean by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

She is not a very tall woman, but has got a very average height. She measures around 158 cm tall, which is 5 feet and 3 inches; not a good height for a woman. She is a slim woman, who has got legs longer than her upper body. With her long black hair and an attractive face, she has got small brown Asian eyes and possesses a thin pair of lips. She is known for her different hair lengths and hairstyles as well as her fashion sense. With a last recorded weight of about 48 kg, she is a slim woman with not a very curvaceous body but is considered to be hot by her fans. She has maintained herself over the course of time and has been exercising regularly to stay fit. Although there aren’t any photos of her in a bikini, she has got many in which she has revealed her legs, feet and cleavage. She also has got many sexy pictures where she has gone topless but not shown off her breasts that can be found on the media.

Regarding her dating life, the media knows not much and there isn’t any information on the internet. She doesn’t seem to have had many affairs and when search on her boyfriend, only one name comes up. She doesn’t seem to have had any kids till now; biological or adopted and hasn’t been married or divorced till now. As a result there is no chance that she has had a husband or any children. Between 1998 and 2000, she was believed to have romantically involved with Jacques Villeneuve, who is a Canadian professional racing car driver. His interest in music had brought the two together and after being together for a couple of years, they got divorced.

Having had a successful musical career, she is a well-known violinist, who has made a lot of records and money. One of the most rich young artists, she also has got several Guinness World Records to her name. In order to know more about her personal life, you can read her biography that is available in websites like IMDb and Wikipedia. You can also stay updated with her recent activities by following her on Twitter account, or check out her pictures and videos that can be found on her official Instagram page. In 2015, her estimated net worth is about 32 million pound sterling, which is about $52 million US dollars.