What Did They Want To Show Off By Those Tattoos? They Are Really Cringe Worthy!

1. Ben Affleck

In 2015, pictures surfaced of Oscar winning writer/director/act Ben Affleck’s new back tattoo. The shirtless pictures taken on the beach during a filming shoot shows a colorful phoenix tattoo that appeared to be flying out of his shorts. Whilst the color inking is well executed but it’s so large and so saturated in heavy yellow, blue and red ink. It also appears to be covering the actor’s previous shoulder tattoo. We’re not sure we want to see. It was first thought to be fake, but unfortunately it appeared to be a post-divorce inking. Jennifer Lopez, who was his ex-fiancée, has declared it as “Awful.” Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife, commented, “Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes.” Luckily it’s on his back so we wont have to see it too much.